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The publisher NetEnt came to the beginnings of the internet and the beginnings of online casinos. Today, his games are part of the best of the world ! It is an advantage to always be successful in the market for NetEnt, because it has been able to build a solid experience, and is even becoming a model for many competitors. Who is NetEnt really? Let's find out here.

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What is absolutely necessary to know about the history of this genius publisher that is NetEnt? Our answer here!

Like many of its competitors, NetEnt was born in the cold Scandinavian countries. It was born in 1996, when the internet had only been open to the general public for two or three years, and online casinos were in their infancy on what was then called the " World Wide Web ».

NetEnt is a forerunner in many ways, since it is also one of the first to have used the technology – revolutionary, at the time – of Java to develop its games. This protocol allows you to play at the casino without the need to download any software. Today, the company is listed on the stock exchange and since 2006/2007, it has been experiencing its glory days. NetEnt's excellence has been rewarded several times with prestigious awards, and its games are among the best.

What are the games contained in NetEnt's portfolio? The publisher makes quality games en masse!

The editor's portfolio is incredibly provided! It must be said that with twenty years of experience, the opposite would be amazing! The games developed by NetEnt are, in fact, very numerous. Table games, lottery games, video poker games or slot machine games, there is something for everyone!

The bandits-penguins developed by NetEnt are incredibly beautiful graphically and very successful. Moreover, he has shown several times that he has a perfect command of 3D technology to add an air of modernity to the latest slot machines that he is developing. Moreover, the introductions that present the scenario of the slot machines are reminiscent of the colossal work of animation studios such as Dreamworks or Pixar!

With such a talent, it is impossible for any good online casino to ignore NetEnt games!

Online casinos that do not offer NetEnt games on their game library are extremely rare today! When we see the quality of these games, we necessarily want to play them, whether we are a player or not!

Quickly try all the best games developed by NetEnt on the best online casinos, such as Betway, Casino Extra, Chéri Casino or Casino 777, you will absolutely not regret the detour!

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